Smart Specialisation Cases


Language: English

Publication date: 1st March 2013

The OECD-NIS in collaboration with DG Regio and OECD Member Countries and their regions formed a working group that explored methods to analyse and monitor smart specialisation developments. This led to the OECD publication Innovation-driven Growth in Regions: the Role of Smart Specialisation (2013) to which we contributed. The region of Flanders as one of the initiators of this OECD-NIS working group asked Technopolis to support the methodology development and in particular to draw the policy lessons from S3 case studies, across all participating countries. In addition Technopolis supported the development of two Flemish cases: Nanotech for Health and Sustainable Chemistry. Alongside the contribution to the OECD publication the study led to a policy paper: Smart specialization in Flanders: Policy lessons from the OECD-TIP Case Studies (2012).