Nacka Municipality, the risks

Expertise: Higher Education

Authors: Peter SternAnders Håkansson

Language: Swedish

Publication date: 1st June 2014

For a number of years, approximately 5% of students in Nacka have lacked access to secondary school. This figure is low compared to most other municipalities. In Spring 2013, 59 students in ninth grade could not gain access to secondary school across the 16 schools assessed. It is a high priority for Nacka Education Committee that all students reach a basic level of education, and in previous years the municipality has tried to map out the reasons for student incompetence, through questionnaires to schools and interviews with students. Faugert & Co (Technopolis Group’s Swedish subsidiary) conducted a study into the measures taken in a number of schools in Nacka municipality to prevent students being ineligible to continue to secondary school. Faugert & Co found that the students failing to reach secondary school are part of a heterogeneous group who need different kinds of support. The study surmised that schools are trying different activities with varying methods and structure to ensure pupils gain secondary education.