Evaluation of the Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT)

Project contact: Elisabeth Zaparucha

Planned publication date: Autumn 2018

The creation of the Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT), following the 2010 call for projects, is part of a desire to strengthen the exploitation of the results of public research towards the private sector, in order to improve the growth potential of the French economy. This new instrument aims to continue the momentum initiated since the beginning of the 2000s in France, with the implementation of several support mechanisms for recovery. The creation of the SATTs was intended to simplify the national tech transfer landscape, by replacing the various devices that exist on a territory and by becoming a single, localised point of contact at the service of the research units and their relations with the private sector. 

After six years of existence, the National Research Agency launched the second triennial evaluation. 

The evaluation is conducted in two parts: 

  • 2018: evaluation of the SATTs of wave A and B 
  • 2019-2020: evaluation of the SATT wave C 

The overall objective of the evaluation is “to provide the steering committee of the National Valuation Fund and the General Commissariat for Investment with information on the situation of each of the SATTs in order to prepare the decisions of the Prime Minister of the continuation or not of the financing of each of the SATTs.”

A retrospective objective concerns three aspects of analysis: 

  • The activity of the SATT and its results
  • The positioning of the SATT in relation to its shareholder institutions and the degree of affectio societatis
  • The positioning of the SATT in its ecosystem (world of research, cooperation…)

Finally a  forward looking objective of SATT in setting its strategy and business plan for 5 years. 

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