Assessment of the economic and societal impacts of patents nominated for the yearly European Inventor Award organised by the European Patent Office

Language: English

Publication date: 30th April 2014

Every year, the European Patent Office (EPO)  awards inventions with proven economic and societal impacts in the categories ‘industry’, ‘SMEs’, ‘research/universities’, ‘non-European countries’ and ‘lifetime achievement’. Technopolis has been, since 2011, repeatedly contracted by the EPO to perform background analyses and valuations of the impacts of patents and inventions nominated for the European Inventor Award  (EIA). Using a methodological mix combining patent analysis and economic analysis, the results of Technopolis´ investigations have been feeding into the decision process of the international juries as well the creation of media and background material. For details regarding this work, see the article written by Clive Cookson for the Financial Times. For the current edition of the EIA, please visit the respective sections of the homepage of the EPO (