Action Plan for demand side policies

Authors: Viola PeterKincsö IzsakNelly BrunoLaura RomanJohanna Castel

Language: English

Publication date: 21st October 2013

This study supported the first phase of the Action Plan to boost demand for European innovations. The tasks concerned basically three predominantly methodological issues, namely:
• The development of assessment methodologies and data sources for the definition of markets and the baseline condition which is needed for the ‘Identification of markets and sectors’ in phase one.
• Provision of assessment methodologies and data sources for the conceptualisation and implementation of roadmaps.
• Provision of an inventory of practices for evaluating and defining demand-side innovation policies.
The final report includes a number of case studies of evaluations of demand-side innovation policies and a number of market analyses. These provide a wealth of information and insights on this type of instrument. They also suggest that their use can be widened and their implementation needs to be carefully designed in a suitable policy mix, often with supply-side measures, in order to trigger innovation and obtain the set goals.

Keywords: Innovation, evaluation, indicators, roadmapping, sector and market performance