A Meta Evaluation of the Swedish Energy Agency

Authors: Peter SternJohanna EnbergMalin Jondell AssbringAnnaKarin SwenningMiriam Terrell

Language: Swedish

Publication date: 16th December 2012

Technopolis Group’s meta evaluation reviewed all programme evaluations performed by the Swedish Energy Agency since 2000. It identified key learnings which were used to inform the design of a future system for project quality assessment, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment (ex post). The overall conclusion reached through the meta evaluation is that the evaluations commissioned by Energy Agency during the period studied show significant variation in terms of what they deal with in terms of results, effects, academic quality, efficiency, recommendations, and the utility and relevance. This gives rise to thoughts about the need for a systematic approach when planning and procurement of future evaluations. The assignment also highlighted and discussed the indicators that the Energy Agency may need to continuously monitor. A consequence of the report is that the choice of indicators is dependent on the goals, or, in other words, the desired effects to be accomplished. By clarifying this, the foundation for the choice of what to measure is laid, to determine if it is likely to happen.