Calling all sectors using machine-generated data!

The European Commission’s DG CNECT (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology) is currently reviewing the Database Directive. It applies to all databases marketed in the European Union which contain some element of “intellectual creation” in the obtainment, verification or presentation of the database contents.

To better understand the relevance of the Directive in the data economy, and in particular in relation to machine-generated data, DG CNECT has asked Technopolis Group and Copenhagen Economics to conduct an industry survey supporting the review of the Database Directive. The survey is targeted at sectors where machine-generated data is of particular importance, and will support improving this legislation to the benefit of the business sector. 

The survey can be accessed here and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

In accordance with GDPR requirements, the survey results will only be used in aggregate form (at country or industry level). For more information on how we treat the collected data, please see our privacy policy.  

The letter of recommendation from the European Commission for this study in this link.

Questions regarding this survey can be addressed at

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