Malin Nilsson Strandberg

Senior consultant

Offices: Sweden

Malin Nilsson Strandberg, Senior consultant at Faugert & Co Utvärdering / Technopolis Sweden, is specialised towards evaluation and investigation in the public sector, mainly education management and systematic quality work. Malin has also conducted work in education management in the private sector. Examples include development of a national quality system of upper secondary schools’ business administration programmes, in cooperation with universities, the Swedish federation of accountants and the surrounding society. Furthermore, Malin has acted as project manager of the City of Stockholm’s annual pre-school quality report, reporting to the City Commissioner of Education.

Malin has a Master of Political Sciences with specialisation in Political Economy from Stockholm University, Sweden. Upon completion of her Master in 2004, Malin started working with project managemant of several education concepts in promotion of entrepreneurship skills and employability among young people. Moreover, Malin conducted work with internal supervision and evaluation of the systematic quality work at both municipality and independent school (owner) organisers. Malin is a senior consultant at Faugert & Co Utvärdering / Technopolis Sweden.

Malin is fluent in Swedish and English and has a good understanding of Norwegia

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