Research England has commissioned a project to develop indicators to be used for the assessment of the People, Culture and Environment (PCE) element of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2029. This project is being carried out by Technopolis Group and CRAC-Vitae in collaboration with several sector organisations.

From May to October 2024, the PCE indicators project is providing multiple opportunities for the sector to engage with the development of the PCE indicators. These include a series of online workshops to co-develop indicators to be used in the assessment of the PCE element of REF 2029. The workshops started in May 2024 and you can read more about them here.

Technopolis is now also running a survey to provide an additional way to feed into the sector engagement and indicator co-design process. We invite individuals from research-performing institutions (including senior institutional leaders, as well as academics and all other staff) or from any other stakeholder organisations or networks to have their say.

The survey will be open from Monday 24 June until Friday 13 September.

To access the survey, please follow this link:

To ensure that respondents can give us their views as freely as possible, this survey is fully anonymous. There is no survey link specific to you and there is no way to link your response back to you personally.

The survey builds on questions discussed at the aforementioned sector engagement workshops. The first survey items ask for basic characteristics about yourself (e.g. age, gender, institution type, role) so that we can track how well our pool of responses represents the UK research sector. The remaining items ask about your thoughts on PCE, the aspects of PCE that most effectively support high-quality research and impact, how these aspects might be evidenced, and any potential unintended consequences.

Most of the survey items have a closed point-and-click format, but there are also opportunities to share your thoughts in writing. Minimal completion of the survey (i.e. without sharing additional thoughts in writing) should take no more than 15 minutes.

To minimise duplicative responses, there is a limit of one response per device or IP address. On most devices, it will be possible to complete part of the survey and return to it later, where the ‘next’ button at the foot of each page saves progress. However, this may not be the case on all devices, depending on cookie and device settings.

We have ensured that the survey is functional and accessible to the greatest possible extent. There is a feedback box in the survey if you should have any comments on the survey itself. Should you encounter any major technical problems not covered above, you can contact

Thank you for your participation!

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