New report: potential of Chilean Sub-Antarctic as a driver for innovation and sustainable development

22nd February 2016

Technopolis Group and CameronPartners have completed a study on the potential of the Chilean Sub-Antarctic region as a driver for innovation and development, on behalf of Chile’s National Council for Innovation for Development (Consejo Nacional de Innovación para el Desarrollo — CNID).

The study concludes that the Sub-Antarctic Region of Magallanes represents a “natural laboratory”, thanks to its unique environmental, geographical and natural features. This has great potential to drive scientific activity on a number of global challenges and allow for a more sustainable regional development. This is conditional on improving the visibility of the region abroad, and on supporting knowledge exchange between science, government and society.

For more information:
See the report, ‘Región subantártica: Impulsora de desarrollo e innovación’, on the CNID website (Spanish)