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Research careers at universities and large companies

This report presents a qualitative study of research careers; how early career researchers as well as recruiting managers and managers on strategic decision-taking level perceive the research career, and what experiences they have. Related issues such as recruitment of researchers, career support, and sectoral mobility between academia and industry are also dealt with. The study…

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Hartree Centre Phase 1&2 Baseline Evaluation

The STFC commissioned Technopolis Group to undertake a baseline evaluation of the Hartree Centre; a high performance computing and data analytics research facility that seeks to transform the competitiveness of UK industry, by accelerating the adoption of data-centric computing, big data and cognitive technologies. The aims of the project were: To measure and demonstrate the…

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Improving Norway’s Performance in the EU Framework Programme

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) commissioned Technopolis Group to conduct an impact evaluation of its two main support measures to enhance Norwegian participation in Horizon 2020, PES2020 and STIM-EU. Any organisation that may receive RCN funding is eligible for PES2020 support, but only research institutes are eligible for STIM-EU support. The evaluation concludes that…

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