Temporary / Full-time
Deadline for applications: 15 February 2023

We are looking for a motivated individual who is interested in working as a consultant for the public sector. The person must preferably be finishing a master’s level degree in a related field (e.g. public policy, economics, data management, engineering). The candidate must be interested in providing policy consultancy services to the public sector at the local, national, European and international level; particularly within the fields of science, technology and innovation; green transition; regional development and cohesion policy; international development.

The candidate must show a strong interest and ability to work with quantitative analysis tools to support our team. The candidate is expected to have a good command of Excel and an intermediate level in the use of at least one statistical software (e.g. R, Python, STATA). Knowledge of a macro language (VBA, VB.net) is an asset.

The candidate is expected to be fluent in French and English. Fluency of a third language such as Spanish would be considered an asset. Many of our interns become full time staff at Technopolis, or go on to take on exciting opportunities in the public and the private sector.


The role of the intern is to provide cross-cutting support to our team of consultants in the delivery of our projects (e.g. policy evaluations, strategic studies, technical assistance), as well as in our business development efforts (e.g. proposal development). Our clients include French regional councils and ESIF managing authorities, national ministries, the European Commission and international donor organisations. Day-to-day tasks include conducting desk research, analysis of large databases, developing background material, drafting specific sections of deliverables, conducting interviews, contributing to internal knowledge management activities and monitoring market opportunities. Interns work with several project managers, but are appointed a direct supervisor within the team.

Level of experience wanted

No previous professional experience is required

Temporary assignment

We are looking to recruit a full-time intern for at least 6 months starting in February/March 2023. Internship should be sponsored by the intern’s university (stage conventionné)


We are looking to recruit a full-time intern for at least 6 months starting in February/March 2023. Internship should be sponsored by the intern’s university (stage conventionné)

Deadline for applications

February 15th 2023 at the latest, but the position may be filled before if we identify a suitable candidate. It is recommended to send in your application ASAP.



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About Technopolis Group

Technopolis Group started as a consultancy firm for the evaluation of science, technology and innovation. While evaluation is still at the core of our company, we have over the years built up the know-how to support decision making on a broad range of topics. Our experts provide strategy and foresight, manage networks and provide project management support for even the most complex projects. We are acquainted with a wide range of quantitative methods and deliver advanced data analytics that is ahead of the curve. We evaluate policies, evaluate their impact and communicate them effectively to experts and the broader public. We never settle for out-of-the-box solutions but work with our clients to find the approach that best fits their needs.

We work with decision-makers in different levels and fields, from international institutions, such as the European Commission, the OECD and multilateral development banks, to regional and local authorities. Our clients include universities and R&D centres, network organisations such as business associations, clusters and incubators as well as governments.

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