The impact evaluation of Tekes overseas offices

27th February 2015

The Technopolis Group Baltic office completed an impact evaluation of Tekes overseas offices in January 2015. The evaluation was carried out together with European Touch Oy Ltd in Finland. Our consultants from Tallinn, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Brighton were part of the team.

The evaluation consisted of three methodological elements:

  • historical review of the main changes of policies and strategies;
  • international benchmarking in seven countries (DK, SWE, IE, NL, UK, SG, IL);
  • evaluation of current offices and their services.

The evaluation results indicated that despite limited resources, Tekes international offices are work well and effectively. Increasing coordination with Team Finland actors can further improve the offices’ effectiveness.

The Tekes overseas offices are small organisations, which highlights the importance of effectively linking and communicating with the Helsinki activities — as well as the importance of HRM functions’ ability to cater the needs of international staff. Until now, establishing  international networks was perceived as the most important service provided by Tekes overseas offices. Other services, such as the identification of business opportunities, development of skills and capabilities, and research performance improvement followed on. For the future, assistance in establishing new contacts and partnerships, and lobbying local public institutions are seen as the two most important services. Key recommendations to international offices and the entire Team Finland network combine a strategic approach with customer needs-driven development, action-oriented services and effective communication. Tekes concluded that the evaluation gave findings based on a solid analysis and practical recommendations for future internationalisation strategies and activities.

The evaluation report is available here
For further information please contact Katrin Männik