Politiques scientifiques, technologiques et d’innovation

Joint STEM lab facility

The National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) is leading a initiative to establish a joint STEM Industrial Product Development Facility which will act as an industrial technology incubation hub for Rwandan based industrial innovators drawing on STEM to develop industrial products, access advanced technologies, acquire and upgrade technical industrial skills and improve business capabilities….

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International Landscape Study of Research and Innovation Systems

This report presents the findings of the International Landscape Study of Research and Innovation Systems, commissioned by Research England and carried out by Technopolis. We have studied the institutional assessment and funding systems for research-performing organisations in 20 research-active countries, with three headline study questions: what research assessment mechanisms are being used? What are the…

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Innovatives Wien 2020 Evaluierung

The strategy “Innovative Vienna 2020” (IW2020) is the second innovation strategy of the city of Vienna. It was drawn up in the years 2014-2015 and defines three goals: Innovation Goal 1 – Vienna as a City of Opportunities: Vienna creates optimal conditions for developing the innovation potential in the metropolitan region. Innovation Goal 2 –…

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