Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy includes technologies such as wind, photovoltaic, tidal wave and bioenergy, but also techniques and policy measures for increased energy efficiency. In this area, Technopolis Group has successfully carried out more than 80 assignments. We support policy makers at European, national and regional levels with analyses and evaluations of programmes and initiatives. Our consultants also undertake technical due diligence for start-up companies in the renewable energy sector. Thanks to feedback from our clients, we know that our efforts are applied in the policy making process.

Study on open energy research databases

Technopolis Group is  lead contractor of a consortium which  is investigating opportunities and barriers for research databases in low carbon energy research for the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation). The project entails identifying promising energy research areas for sharing open data and interviewing a range of projects in these fields for their reasons for…

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A Meta Evaluation of the Swedish Energy Agency

Technopolis Group’s meta evaluation reviewed all programme evaluations performed by the Swedish Energy Agency since 2000. It identified key learnings which were used to inform the design of a future system for project quality assessment, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment (ex post). The overall conclusion reached through the meta evaluation is that the evaluations commissioned…

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Evaluation of ADEME activities for sustainable consumption in 2007-2011

Activities in favour of sustainable consumption are carried out throughout most of ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) central services and regional offices. However despite the cross-cutting nature and increasing importance of the thematic the agency has not defined a global strategy for sustainable consumption. The main purpose of this evaluation was therefore…

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Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Transportation Programmes

Since 2010, the Swedish Energy Agency has run two parallel programmes for energy efficient transportation, one for research projects and one for technology development and implementation. The evaluation covered both programmes, and focused on quality, relevance and results achieved. A peer review of the research programme by four international experts was included.

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