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ICT is a pervasive technology. It lies at the core of industry, public sector and social innovation and is key for tackling our societal challenges.  The media sector is revolutionising thanks to ICT; the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data contribute to energy efficiency, integrated transport and smart cities; ICT technologies are key for innovation in the healthcare sector. We support policymakers in the design, monitoring and evaluation of ICT research and innovation policies, building on our in-depth knowledge of the ICT sectors along the value chain, combined with our expertise in policy and strategy development and assessment.

Benchmarking Safer Internet policies in the EU Member States

In the last decade, the rapid developments in the field of Internet, and Digital Media in general, have been creating important opportunities, both from an economic and social perspective. They have created also new challenges, in particular for the protection of a particularly vulnerable group in our society: the minors. Changes in the minors’ use…

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Evaluation of The Dutch Research Council for the Technical Sciences (STW)

Technopolis Group evaluated The Dutch Research Council for the Technical Sciences (STW) in 2006 and, in 2011, was asked to evaluate STW again. A mix of methodologies (including interviews, surveys and stakeholder workshops) were used to answer the evaluation questions regarding impact and efficiency of STW as well as to give advice on the future…

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Analysis of cloud best practices for the public sector

In September 2012, the European Commission adopted a strategy for ”Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe”. The strategy outlines actions to deliver a net gain of 2.5 million new European jobs, and an annual boost of €160 billion to the European Union GDP (around 1%), by 2020. The Commission considers the public sector…

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EPIRIA: Evaluation of FP7 Research Infrastructures

This study analysed the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the Research Infrastructures (RI) component of the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), assessed its European Added Value, and suggested options for future Community RI actions. The FP7 RI programme has made a significant step forward in the efficiency and effectiveness of its support to the…

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