Technopolis Group supports policy makers in strategy development aimed at strengthening the competitive advantage of the agro-food sector and improving food security. Innovation plays an important role in enhancing competitiveness in this sector. Product quality, safety and efficient processes are the main targets for innovation in agro-food. By combining our knowledge of the specific nature of innovation in the sector as well as factors influencing food security issues and major technological developments, our team has successfully carried out policy and evaluation studies for European and international clients such as the World Bank.

Microalgae-based products: an outlook for Europe

The European Union has recently adopted an ambitious strategy for developing the Bioeconomy in Europe, in this context algae represents an emerging biological resource of great importance for its potential applications in different fields. In particular, micro-algae are currently promoted as a new source of valuable nutrients for human and animal consumption. Technopolis – together…

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Evaluation Innovation Programme Food & Nutrition

The aim of the evaluation was to determine whether the Innovation Programme Food & Nutrition (IPFN) had mets its objectives and to what extent IPFN had contributed to the overall policy objectives of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Furthermore the evaluation looked at the interactive design process of the programme (the ‘innovation in dialogue approach’), its governance and the satisfaction amongst participants.

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Evaluation of CTA’s ST&I Programme (2010-2014)

This report presents the results of the evaluation of the Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) Programme of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), Wageningen, The Netherlands. Technopolis Group evaluated the ST&I Programme in its entirety in response to changing target groups reflected in the priority areas set out in the current CTA Strategy Plan (20011…

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Evaluation IPFN

In the 2005 the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs introduced the ‘key area approach’ for innovation programmes in prioritised areas in the Dutch economy. In 2006 the Innovation Programme Food & Nutrition (IPFN) was established in the ‘key area’ Flowers & Food. Following an interactive approach, IPFN was developed bottom-up by Dutch multinationals, SMEs and…

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