Aerospace, Transport, Mobility

Technopolis Group frequently carries out evaluations and research projects on transport, mobility and logistics. Our tailored evaluations emphasise efficiency, safety, security, environmental friendliness and industrial competitiveness. Technopolis Group also intervenes at regional level by evaluating or advising regional clusters on transport issues. Our unique knowledge of pan-European transport challenges as well as the industrial and research actors and strategies give Technopolis Group an edge for European, national and regional policy makers and stakeholders.

Technopolis has developed a methodology to evaluate the direct and indirect economic and social benefits of public investment in space.

Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Transportation Programmes

Since 2010, the Swedish Energy Agency has run two parallel programmes for energy efficient transportation, one for research projects and one for technology development and implementation. The evaluation covered both programmes, and focused on quality, relevance and results achieved. A peer review of the research programme by four international experts was included.

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Space Exploration and Innovation

Space exploration, the human and robotic investigation and discovery of extra-terrestrial environments, has been driven since its outset by the USA and the Soviet Union/ Russia. However even in these traditional space-faring nations space exploration is at a turning point: the International Space Station will be extended at least until 2020 and most probably to…

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Interim evaluation of EU FP7 Transport Research.

The interim evaluation of the FP7 Transport research aimed to contribute to the overall FP7 interim evaluation. The bulk of investigations were carried out within three sub-themes of the FP7 transport programme: aeronautics, sustainable surface transport, and cross-cutting activities.The following tools were used at the programme and sub-theme levels to produce the results in this…

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Assessing the Impacts of EU Regulatory Barriers on Innovation

The study on “Assessing the Impacts of EU Regulatory Barriers on Innovation” aimed to:  Provide an economic analysis of the effects of EU regulatory barriers to innovation during the past 10 years defined in terms of   Additional costs for innovations as a result of regulatory barriers Lack of adequate response to the patterns of global…

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