Regional policy

Technopolis Group assists regional policy makers in increasing their competitiveness in their country and beyond. Our comprehensive knowledge of regional innovation, research and higher education ecosystems allows Technopolis Group consultants to support regions to achieve their full economic potential by developing tailor-made strategies.

Our team has elaborated and reviewed smart specialisation strategies (RIS3) for more than 20 European regions. Inter-regional cooperation entities and clusters call on our Group-wide expertise to assist in identifying high-growth potential activities, fostering technology transfer, implementing development strategies, increasing territorial marketing or supporting their network and internationalisation.

Strategic Assessement of The Outermost Regions (France)

The goal of the study was to realise a strategic diagnosis, which constituted the part dedicated to outermost regions in the national diagnosis of the Partnership Contract for 2014-2020. This diagnosis highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities the French outermost regions were facing. The study had one strategic and one operational objective. The strategic objective…

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Regional Innovation Strategy for The Ile de France

Innovation was given an increased weight at EU level in the 2007-2013 programming period. This focus is reinforced for 2014-2020. The National policies developed the last 10 years (Investments for the Future, competitiveness cluster policy) is also geared toward a growing support to innovation. • Assess the outputs of RSI actions co-financed through the ERDF…

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Regional Innovation Scoreboard

Regions are an appropriate level for stimulating innovation. Many regional governments have important competences and budgets in the field of innovation. Their geographical proximity facilitates the acquisition, accumulation and use of knowledge. Regions’ performance depends not only on that of enterprises and research institutes but also on interactions between different stakeholders, enterprises and organisations, whose…

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Evaluation of Walloon Competitiveness Clusters

The Walloon Institute for Evaluation, Prospective and Statistics, (IWEPS), asked Technopolis to evaluate the results of the Walloon policy for competitiveness clusters which were first implemented in 2005 in this Belgian region. The Walloon competitiveness clusters policy aims to increase the competitiveness of the regional economy through research, innovation and the networking of actors. It…

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