Loan Hemery


Offices: France

Loan is a trainee at Technopolis Paris as part of his curriculum at the University of Paris Dauphine. He has theoretical and empirical knowledge in economics and finance, and a good background in energy and environmental sciences. At Technopolis, he contributes to evaluations and impact assessments. He has expertise in both quantitative as well as qualitative methods.  

Before joining Technopolis, Loan studied energy engineering at Mines ParisTech. He worked at the same time at Dalkia, EDF Group, in the context of a  3-year apprenticeship. He acquired solid technical knowledge as well as practical expertise in project management and programming in several languages. His areas of expertise are related to green economy, in many topics such as sustainable development, energy production and consumption, geopolitics of energy, technical innovation, project finance or climate change adaptation and mitigation policies.  

Loan is a student at the University of Paris Dauphine, in the Master’s degree economics and finance : “Energy, finance carbon”, where he focuses on global economic and political issues of energy transition. Prior to that, he passed an engineering degree at Mines ParisTech, where he gained knowledge in the energy and building sector, specifically in energy systems and energy efficiency. He spent two years in a senior technician degree specialised in physical science, instrumentation and technical measurement. During the intensive foundation degree and the internships abroad (UK and Poland), he improved his skills in English (C1) and Spanish (B1).