Gerwin Evers


Offices: Netherlands

Dr. Gerwin Evers works as a consultant at Technopolis Group in Amsterdam. Gerwin focuses on the evaluation of science and innovation policy. Within this field, Gerwin has a broad interest ranging from the green economy, health&life sciences to regional development, with a special interest in the role of universities in science and innovation policy. Gerwin takes a systemic perspective and tries to incorporate a wide range of quantitative methods (including relevant machine learning tools), while he also has experience with, and sees the (complementary) value of, qualitative methods such as interviews. 

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Gerwin was as PhD Fellow at Aalborg University part of the EU funded Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network that studied the Role of Universities in Regional Development and Innovation (RUNIN). Gerwin’s research during his PhD focused on understanding how universities, through their provision of human capital and research collaboration (and the interaction between these two channels), can foster industrial development in their locality. Most of the studies conducted during his PhD utilised registry and Community Innovation Survey (CIS) data, while interviews and other qualitative methods also played an important role. After handing in his dissertation—from which most papers are already published in peer-reviewed journals—Gerwin worked on a project evaluating the impact of university-industry collaborations on innovation input, innovation output and performance at the firm level.  

Gerwin worked previously as a junior researcher at the Copernicus Institute of Utrecht University on a project commissioned by ZonMw which aimed to map the innovation system for rare diseases by employing a bibliometric analysis complemented with interviews and other qualitative methods. Gerwin has a bachelor in Science and Innovation Management with a specialisation in energy and transport from Utrecht University, and a master in Innovation Sciences from the same university. For his master thesis, Gerwin conducted for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency a study on knowledge sharing dynamics in publicly funded smart grid pilot projects.  

Gerwin is fluent in Dutch and English and he has basic knowledge of Danish and German. 

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