Tänu rohkem kui 25-aastasele kogemusele „teadmiste kolnurk“ (“knowledge triangle”) tunneb meie meeskond seda valdkonda täies ulatuses. Meie eksperdid panustavad poliitikate kujundamisse ja hindamisse kogu Euroopas.

EC EASME Social Business Initiative (SBI) follow up

The study strives to advance in understanding both organisation-level collaborative behaviours of social enterprises and contextual factors that can favour or hinder cooperation and understand further the social impact produced by cooperation relationships.   Overall, the principal purpose is to provide in-depth knowledge about cooperation relationships and their social impact across Europe and, simultaneously, benchmarking with…

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Game changing technologies: Exploring the impact on production processes and work

Eurofound, the European Foundation for the improvement of Living and Working Conditions, manages a research program on the Future of Manufacturing in Europe (FOME). Technopolis Group was selected to explore how five game-changing technologies will change the production process, jobs, skills and working conditions in manufacturing industries. A literature review and interviews with thought leaders,…

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Study on the Swedish companies’ view on the universities’ innovation offices

Universities and university colleges in Sweden have extensive collaboration with private companies, regarding both research and education. This study investigated the companies’ view of the way the higher education institutions handle collaboration with them. Sometimes the collaboration is co-ordinated by innovation offices at the institutions, other times it is organised in different ways. The study…

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The Latvian Research Funding System

This report reviews Latvia’s existing funding allocation systems and processes and proposes improvements based on best practice, including an overall institutional/organisational structure for managing the funding system, tailored to the specificities of the Latvian situation. The study was carried out by a panel of experts, under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility, based on document…

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