New report: Finnish participation in EU research in Health, Wellbeing, Cleantech, Bio-economy, Circular Economy and Digitalisation

5th March 2018

The Finnish government aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of research, development and innovation (RDI), but competition for domestic funding has increased. Therefore, the Research and Innovation Council – an advisory body to the government – set the objective of Finnish participants collectively increasing the funding they received in Horizon 2020 by 50% compared to FP7, the previous EU research funding framework programme (FP).

The new study, led by Finnish consultancy 4FRONT Oy with significant contributions by Technopolis Group, finds that Finnish participation in the EU’s framework programmes clearly provides added value, and that Finnish project participants in general are very satisfied. However, it highlights that the proposal success rate is rather low relative to six selected comparator countries.

To address this, the evaluation proposes: a clear national RDI strategy towards EU-funded research programmes, further analysis of the reasons for the low proposal success rate, strengthened support measures for FP participation, and leveraging best practices in terms of FP proposals and participation.

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