Technopolis contribution to new Commission report on Monitoring the impact of EU Framework Programmes

30th October 2018

The European Commission has just published a new expert report on ‘Monitoring the impact of EU Framework Programmes’. The report is based on inputs from three monitoring experts, including Technopolitan Alfred Radauer who leads the “Intellectual Property & Standards” (IPS) group at Technopolis Group.

The report is largely based on literature review and lessons learned from relevant practices worldwide on tracking scientific, societal and economic impact from research and innovation investments. These inputs have informed the Commission’s proposal for the monitoring and evaluation system of Horizon Europe, the ninth European Framework Programme (FP) for research and innovation.

With respect to intellectual property (IP) and economic impacts, the report argues for a more differentiated usage of IP filings as indicators (beyond patents), particularly with regard to trademarks.

For further information:
The report on ‘Monitoring the impact of EU Framework Programmes’ is available from the EU Bookshop