Fernando J. Díaz López

Principal Consultant

Correo electrónico: fernando.diaz-lopez@technopolis-group.com

Dr. Fernando J. Díaz López is a principal consultant and researcher at Technopolis group. With over 21 years of work experience, he provides advisory services in areas including eco-innovation and sustainable business, circular and green economy, sustainability and energy transitions as well as Science Technology and Innovation. He is also particularly experienced in the creation and management of international and multi-stakeholder networks. 

Fernando has managed strategic and policy studies for international, European and national public bodies. He is skilful in the design and use of a range of research methods including innovation surveys, patent and R&D data, bibliometrics and data mining of text, empirically grounded agent-based and advanced statistical modelling, case studies, interviews, scenarios, foresight methods and road mapping. 

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Fernando worked for the research and technology organisation of the Netherlands (TNO). He was responsible for the strategic coordination of research and innovation (R&I) programmes. A core part of this work involved innovation and green growth projects for the European Commission, the World Bank, the UN Environment Programme, the IADB, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Basque Environmental Agency.  

Fernando holds a PhD in International Development from the University of East Anglia, a Master’s degree in Economics and Management of Innovation from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, and a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico. He is Associate Professor Extra-ordinary at Stellenbosch University and co-founder of  inno4sd, a global policy-science initiative in support of knowledge and innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals. He is also an honorary research fellow of the Inter-University Research Centre SEEDS (Sustainability, Environmental Economics and Dynamics Studies), at the University of Ferrara.   

Fernando has published in leading academic journals and has served as a peer reviewer to National Innovation Agencies in four different countries. He recently co-authored the book ‘Maastricht Manual for the Measurement of Eco-innovation for a Green Economy’ and the Guidelines to Implement ‘STI policy roadmaps for the SDGs’, together with leading academics and practitioners in the field of innovation for sustainability (available at the inno4sd website). 

A Dutch-Mexican national, Fernando is a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and has advanced knowledge of Dutch and French.