Felipe Guth


Correo electrónico: felipe.guth@technopolis-group.com

Economist with ten years of experience in green finance and industrial policy, Felipe has participated in evaluations of renewable energy policies, and ithe design and implementation of energy, industrial and financial policies. He also led the structuring of debt finance for numerous renewable energy projects. Felipe holds a master’s in governance, Public Policy and Development by the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, and a master in economics by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. 

Felipe has expertise in project finance, development finance and industrial policy implementation. He has contributed to the design and implementation of financial, industrial and energy policies in a development bank in partnership with Brazilian governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Energy, the Energy Regulation Agency and the Energy Planning Enterprise. Felipe has experience in financial modelling and has applied successfully a range of methods such as interviews, case studies, desk research, literature reviews and econometrics. Felipe is also an experienced project manager, having led +30 assignments since 2011. 

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Felipe worked for nine years at BNDES, the Brazilian Development Bank. During this time, he led the debt financing of 40+ windfarms, solar farms and small hydro plants in partnership with several private banks and multilateral institutions such as the IFC and NDB. He participated in the issuing of BNDES’ US$ 1 billion Green Bond listed in the Luxemburg Green Exchange in 2017, in policies to promote the project bond market for renewable energy in Brazil, as well as in policies to foster the wind and solar energy supply chain. He also advised BNDES on equity investment in wind energy companies and the Brazilian government on price policy for solar energy federal auctions. Currently, Felipe is involved with the evaluation of the Contracts for Difference scheme and with the evaluation of AFD credit lines to national and regional development banks. 

Felipe obtained his undergraduate diploma in Economics from Unicamp, in Brazil. He has a Master’s degree in economics from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and a Master’s degree in Governance, Public Policy and Development from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. He is fluent in English and Portuguese and has advanced knowledge of Spanish.