La salud conduce a la productividad económica y la prosperidad, y es importante para el bienestar de la sociedad. Promover un abordaje más personalizado, centrado en el paciente y ofrecer cuidados médicos accesibles y políticas efectivas y basadas en la evidencia es un imperativo.

Technopolis Group respalda a los responsables de la toma de decisiones y gestores de programas en el desarrollo de agendas orientadas hacia las metas. Nuestros consultores ayudan a sopesar de forma cuidadosa los costos, efectos e impactos de la estrategia y las inversiones en tecnología e innovación en ciencias de la salud. Con nuestro profundo conocimiento de las ciencias de la salud y de la vida y nuestra amplia experiencia en planificación estratégica y evaluación, nos esforzamos por contribuir a la construcción de política efectivas para mejorar la salud.

The impact of collaboration: the value of UK medical research to EU science and health

The UK has a strong medical research community; the country’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) can therefore be expected to have implications not only for the UK, but also for EU science and health. To better understand the UK’s contribution to medical research and patient health in the EU, a new study was commissioned…

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Review of the Product Development Partnerships Fund 2011-2014

Every year, poverty related diseases affect millions of people in the developing world. Yet, in the absence of clear profit potential, pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to invest in the development of treatments to fight these diseases. In response to this market failure, in the mid-1990s Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) emerged. PDPs use private sector approaches…

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Evidence on mechanisms and tools for use of health information for decision-making

The World Health Assembly in 2005 urged Member States to establish or strengthen knowledge transfer mechanisms to support evidence-informed health policies and health care delivery. The European Health Information Initiative was set up to strengthen the use of evidence, information and research for policy-making in the WHO European Region. While good-quality health information is a key component for…

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Assessing the research potential of access to clinical trial data

Clinical trials generate systematic and vital information about the efficacy, safety and quality of medical interventions. However, there has been much discussion about the degree to which trial results and the underpinning data are currently made available to researchers outside of the team that conducted the original trial. The primary aims of this study, commissioned…

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