Mid-term evaluation of the Bioenergy Feedstock Programme

Erscheinungsdatum: 6 Januar 2014 | Sprache der Studie: SV

Technopolis Group conducted a mid-term evaluation covering the programme period 07-01-2011 to 06-30-2015 of three administratively separate programmes focusing on supply, transformation and sustainability that together form the Swedish Energy Agency’s Bioenergy Feedstock Programme. The purpose of the evaluation was to contribute to the decision making concerning the Agency’s continued initiatives in research and development within the fuel area, and to suggest improvements within the current and future programme periods.

The evaluation revealed that there are clear advantages in organising research in the thematic area of fuel-based energy in three parallel programmes. The new structure successfully addressed the heavy administrative burden of the former programmes. In addition, it enabled a better composition of competence in the programme councils, who can provide sharper recommendations when assessing applications.

The evaluation showed that there is room for improvement regarding information and dissemination of results, the preparation process of applications and the coordination of the programmes.