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Recomendaciones de política para la integración de Tecnologías Ecológicamente Racionales en los Sistemas Nacionales de Innovación

This publication is a contribution for Latin American countries to advance, individually and as a region, in the definition of challenges and policy strategies that -from the perspective of scientific and technological development, innovation and technology transfer- allow them to make national innovation systems (NIS) an effective tool to face climate change and, beyond, advance…

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Potential of the fourth industrial revolution in Africa

This study is an initiative of the ICT Operations division of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Financial support was provided by the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC) Fund. The report was prepared by the joint venture composed of the consulting firms Technopolis Group, Research ICT Africa and Tambourine Innovation Ventures under overall coordination of Thierno Mountaga Diarra,…

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Joint STEM lab facility

The National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) is leading a initiative to establish a joint STEM Industrial Product Development Facility which will act as an industrial technology incubation hub for Rwandan based industrial innovators drawing on STEM to develop industrial products, access advanced technologies, acquire and upgrade technical industrial skills and improve business capabilities….

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