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Bewerbungsschluss: 30 Juni 2023

Supporting the transition to a green, low carbon and resilient society is a priority growth area for Technopolis Group. For over a decade, we have constantly expanded our expertise on environmental policy topics and have provided support to policy-makers in designing, implementing and evaluating policies and programmes related to the green transition. We work for policy makers and other public-related stakeholders at various geographical scales: European Commission, European Parliament, Ministries, Agencies, local authorities, but also national promotional banks or development banks (EIB, WB, EBRD, AFD, IDB, AFDB…).  

We are looking to recruit a motivated and experienced specialist to join our dynamic and growing team, either as a Principal or Senior Consultant with specific expertise on topics related to the Green Transition.

The position is based in Paris.

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We are looking for one highly motivated individual to strengthen our team working on Green Transition, which is at the forefront of EU and national policy-making on many topics: climate change (mitigation and adaptation), circular economy, energy transition, research and innovation to support the transition, environmental protection (including biodiversity), territorial resilience, sustainable mobility, blue economy, etc.

In particular, we are looking for someone to acquire and implement work for EU institutions (European Commission such as DG ENV, DG CLIMA, DG ENER, DG RTD, DG MARE or DG GROW, the European Parliament, CINEA, EEA or the European Investment Bank), the OECD, the French ADEME / Ministry of Environmental Transition, and multilateral development banks.

Applicants should have a minimum of eight (8) years (for principal consultant) or five (5) years (for senior consultant) of relevant professional experience in a consulting organisation, a think-tank, a policy-making organisation or an applied research organisation in one or more of the following areas:

Experience should include direct involvement in advisory services (such as studies or strategy, policy or programme design), policy or programme evaluation and impact assessment (including experience with Better Regulation Toolbox), project management for EU institutions or implementation of technical assistance projects. Experience in managing projects, teams and clients is required. Previous experience in a or working for a public institution is an asset.

A general overview of EU and international policy developments and policy discourse in the area (e.g. EU Green Deal, Fit for 55, Circular Economy Action Plan, REPowerEU, Nature Restoration Law), trends in sectors, industries and society, as well as a proven track in working on relevant policy-oriented or advisory assignments are required.

A very good knowledge of research methods, statistics, big data analytics, ESG indicators, as well as policy/programme evaluation and economic or environmental impact assessment methods are strong assets.

The person must have at least a Master’s level in a related field. Applicants should have very good communication skills and be able to work in an international and multicultural environment. Clients will be both international ones (Europe, and abroad) and national clients (ministries, agencies, regional authorities, development agencies…). Excellent command of spoken and written French and English is essential and fluency in other European languages would be a plus. The salary will be defined based on the experience of the candidate and will range between 42 and 63k euros / year gross + yearly bonus based on performance.


The successful candidate needs to manage varying tasks under tight deadlines, manage relations with partners, show strong communication skills, be willing to travel in Europe and worldwide and be proactive.

While responsibilities will be adapted to the seniority of the position, the main tasks to be performed by the principal or senior consultant include:




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Die Technopolis Group startete als Beratungsunternehmen für die Evaluationen in Wissenschaft, Technologie und Innovation. Während Evaluationen immer noch den Kern unseres Unternehmens bilden, haben wir im Laufe der Jahre Know-how aufgebaut, um die Entscheidungsfindung in einem breiten Spektrum von Themen zu unterstützen. Unsere Experten entwickeln Strategien und Foresight Projekte, sie managen Netzwerke und stellen das Projektmanagement auch bei komplexesten Projekten. Wir sind mit einer Vielzahl quantitativer Methoden vertraut und liefern modernste Datenanalysen. Wir evaluieren politische Maßnahmen, bewerten ihre Auswirkungen und kommunizieren sie effektiv an Experten sowie die breite Öffentlichkeit. Wir geben uns nie mit Standardlösungen zufrieden, sondern arbeiten mit unseren Kunden zusammen, um den Ansatz zu finden, der ihren Anforderungen am besten entspricht.

Wir arbeiten mit Entscheidungsträgern auf verschiedenen Ebenen und in verschiedenen Politikfeldern zusammen, von internationalen Institutionen wie der Europäischen Kommission, der OECD und multilateralen Entwicklungsbanken bis hin zu regionalen und lokalen Behörden. Zu unseren Kunden zählen Universitäten und F & E-Zentren, Netzwerkorganisationen wie Wirtschaftsverbände, Cluster und Gründerzentren sowie Regierungen und Organisatione der Zivilgesellschaft wie Stiftungen.

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