News for France

National Evaluation of Innovation & Competitiveness Clusters

22nd November 2012

The Poles of Competitiveness are innovative clusters located in France to stimulate research-enterprise collaboration and technology transfer. 71 poles have been supported over the period 2005-2011, with a 1,5 billion euro budget for the 3 last years (2009-2011). The evaluation assessed both the national policy supporting the poles in terms of relevance, coherence with other…

Interim evaluation of EU FP7 Transport Research

30th September 2012

The interim evaluation of the FP7 Transport research aimed to contribute to the overall FP7 interim evaluation. The bulk of investigations were carried out within three sub-themes of the FP7 transport programme: aeronautics, sustainable surface transport, and cross-cutting activities.The following tools were used at the programme and sub-theme levels to produce the results in this…

Support to the development of a strategy in favour of local enterprises for CAPI

15th June 2012

The objective of the project was to support CAPI (Communauté d’Agglomération Porte de l’Isère) to design its strategy to attract entreprises. It identified targets, defined the offer and provided foresight of impact of expected activities. The project also benchmarked the agglomeration with neighbouring/competing areas, defined the mananagement plan of industrial/commercial areas and made recommendations in…