News for France

Noémie Peycelon

5th March 2018

Noémie joined Technopolis Group and is based in the Paris office. She focuses on public policy evaluation, international cooperation, and European public policy studies. She has a particular interest in gender studies, cultural and social policies.   Previously she studied at the University of Paris-Dauphine where she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Opinion….

Vanina Choe

7th December 2017

Vanina Choe is a consultant at the Paris office of Technopolis Group. She is oriented towards the topics of green economy and SMEs financial support in the emerging countries within the field of public policy evaluation, although she remains open to all thematics as part of her continuous learning process. Duirng her time at Technopolis…

Morgane Veillet Lavallée

3rd November 2017

Morgane Veillet Lavallée is a consultant in the Paris office of Technopolis Group. Morgane works in public policy evaluation in the fields of innovation and research at a regional, national and European level. Morgane also works on transregional cooperation projects between the European Union and Latin America. Morgane is a graduate from SciencesPo Paris and…

Théo Konc

9th October 2017

Théo Konc is an economist, specialised in sustainable development and energy economics (Sciences Po Paris, EHESS, Paris-Saclay University). Théo has a consulting experience in sustainable mobility ad is based in the Paris office of Technopolis Group. Théo has developed quantitative skills in order to evaluate public policies (both ex-ante and ex-post). With his training in…

Tata Dinyuy Bolivian

14th July 2017

Tata is a consultant at Technopolis Group, based in Yaoundé (Cameroon), focusing on evaluating policies and strategies in developing and emerging countries. He is experienced in managing and developing new projects. Tata has worked on different evaluations in the domains of health, entrepreneurship, IT and education. At the moment, he is currently one of the…

Aurélien Seawert

15th May 2017

Aurélien Seawert is a consultant in the Paris office of Technopolis Group. He contributes to  public policy evaluations in the fields of green economy and innovation at a national, European and international level.  Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Aurélien worked with the OECD as part of the climate change adaptation team. Aurélien obtained his undergraduate…

Clément Diot

12th May 2017

Clément Diot has developed expertise in public policy evaluation with a particular interest in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies. He has contributed to evaluations, impact assessments and studies for national public bodies. He has applied successfully a range of methods such network analysis, interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research and benchmarking studies. Prior to…

Technopolis France va évaluer INTERREG V France-Suisse

19th April 2017

Technopolis France vient de remporter la mission d’évaluation relative à l’axe 1 du programme Interreg V France-Suisse 2014-2020 « Rapprocher les structures en matière d’innovation et soutenir les projets innovants ». Cette évaluation a pour objectif de dresser un tableau des projets et des porteurs de projets de l’axe Recherche et Innovation, de dresser le…