News for France

Grégoire Durif

17th January 2019

Grégoire Durif joined the French office of Technopolis Group in January 2019.   He is completing a Masters degree in Geography “Culture-Policy-Heritage” at Sorbonne University and he is writing a master thesis about new regions in France.  Grégoire has developed a deep interest for public policies, international geopolitics, heritage, cultural and gender studies, especially through spatial…

Evaluation of the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

25th October 2018

Technopolis has been selected to carry out an independent external evaluation of the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) Phase VIII, together with the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP). The evaluation will be looking at the impact of the programme on sustainable water resource management across the globe. Technopolis will be providing strong methodological support…

Christophe Picamilh

23rd April 2018

Christophe Picamilh is a consultant at Technopolis Group. He has developed a strong interest in public policy evaluation and green economy. Prior to joining Technopolis Group, he worked for the French Ministry of Agriculture as network coordinator for rural development and for Suez Consulting as project engineer. Thanks to his experience, he has developed an…

Technopolis Group to support and train French “eco-cities”

12th April 2018

Technopolis Group is starting an exciting project for the French Caisse des Dépôts (State bank) in the frame of the “Future Cities” (Ville de Demain) programme (€668m). This initiative supports 30 French “eco-cities” (EcoCités) to design, test and implement new solutions for more sustainable and smarter cities in the fields of: transport and mobility, energy…

Anugiha Ananthasri

5th March 2018

Anugiha started working with Technopolis Group, based in the Paris office, in November 2016 as the Assistant to the Office Manager. She is in charge of administrative management, communication and organisation. She has a high school diploma in Management Administration. Before Technopolis Group,   she completed several internships as for instance in the Human Resources department…

Noémie Peycelon

5th March 2018

Noémie joined Technopolis Group and is based in the Paris office. She focuses on public policy evaluation, international cooperation, and European public policy studies. She has a particular interest in gender studies, cultural and social policies.   Previously she studied at the University of Paris-Dauphine where she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Opinion….

Vanina Choe

7th December 2017

Vanina Choe is a consultant at the Paris office of Technopolis Group. She is oriented towards the topics of green economy and SMEs financial support in the emerging countries within the field of public policy evaluation, although she remains open to all thematics as part of her continuous learning process. Duirng her time at Technopolis…