News for Belgium

Julien Chicot

11th July 2019

Julien Chicot has developed expertise in research and innovation policy analysis and evaluation. He supports evidence-based policymaking especially in the fields of impact-oriented policy and demand-driven innovation. He has good command of data collection and analysis methods, including interviews, surveys, case studies, literature review and descriptive statistics.   Recently, Julien was deeply involved in two projects…

Alexandre Lotito

21st May 2019

Alexandre Lotito is an analyst at Technopolis Group. He has specialised in methodology and techniques of public policy evaluations. He was recently involved in the evaluation of the performance of EC communication for the Investment Plan for Europe (EC – DG COMM), the evaluation of the European Green Week 2018 (EC – DG ENV) and…

Andrea Grisilla

5th April 2019

Andrea Grisilla has developed, in the last 10 years, extensive expertise in the management of projects funded by the EU under different financing schemes, especially FP7, CIP, IEE, ERASMUS+ and Horizon2020. Active mainly in the fields of transport, logistics and innovation, he has contributed to the development, for instance, of wide-ranging services platforms, the definition…

Palina Shauchuk

19th March 2019

Palina Shauchuk is a consultant at Technopolis Group. She has developed expertise in the impact assessment, R&D and innovation (RDI), analysis of firm performance, spatial analysis, science and technology knowledge, patent collaboration. Palina also manages data collection and consolidation. She has substantial experience working with bibliometrics using Scopus, patent data using Patstat and innovations using…

Morten Rasmussen

25th February 2019

Morten Rasmussen has a strong background in digital, industry and innovation policy studies at EU-level, research papers on innovation and growth policies and funding of digital innovation projects. Morten facilitates evidence-based policy making for national/regional and international organisations and has a particular interest in digital and industrial innovation, the digital single market and digital skill. …

Monitoring Digital Transformation and KETs: User survey

13th February 2019

The European Commission is currently developing a new project to improve the analysis and systematic monitoring of industrial modernisation and advanced technologies in Europe. Here is your unique chance to co-design the upcoming Industrial Modernisation Observatory. Share your thoughts and tailor it to your needs. The survey will be available until 22 February 2019 –here–

Evaluation of Business Finland programmes for innovative procurement and co-creation

24th January 2019

The Technopolis Group Baltic office is performing an evaluation of three Business Finland (former Tekes) programmes that supported innovative public procurement and co-creation. Smart Procurement programme (2013-2016) was activating public sector to learn and implement practices of innovative procurement to enable creation of new lead markets for innovative solutions. Built Environment programme (2009-2014) aimed to develop and…

Maialen Perez

2nd November 2018

Maialen Perez is a consultant based at the Brussels office of Technopolis Group. She has developed expertise in public policy evaluation with a particular interest in regional development policy, as well as, innovation policies and green economy. She has applied successfully a range of methods such as interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research, literature reviews,…