News for Baltics

Theresa Madubuko

17th October 2016

Theresa Madubuko has developed expertise in public health programme management, health policy development with a particular interest in global health, human resources for health strengthening, pre-service and in-service health worker training and continous professional development and infectious disease control. She has contributed to technical working groups on human resources for health the most recent being,…

Johanna Vallistu

27th September 2016

Johanna Vallistu is a consultant and an office manager based in the Baltic office of Technopolis Group. She has worked in the field of applied social sciences research since 2011 and has developed expertise in the fields of public policy evaluation and various analyses with particular interest in topics of innovation, demand-led innovation policies, entrepreneurship…

Kerli Müürisepp

1st September 2016

Kerli Müürisepp has experience in conducting applied research and public policy studies at local, regional, national and international level since 2008. Her special interest lies in interventions and policies related to sustainable urban and regional development. She has a good command of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods and is experienced in designing…

Reda Nausėdaitė

20th April 2015

Reda Nausedaite has ten years of experience working in the area of education and youth sector. Her research interests include higher education governance, strategic planning and entrepreneurship across all levels of education. She spent the last decade working on higher education and youth policy areas with further work on humanitarian aid at EC DG ECHO…

The impact evaluation of Tekes overseas offices

27th February 2015

The Technopolis Group Baltic office completed an impact evaluation of Tekes overseas offices in January 2015. The evaluation was carried out together with European Touch Oy Ltd in Finland. Our consultants from Tallinn, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Brighton were part of the team. The evaluation consisted of three methodological elements: historical review of the main changes…

Jesse Lastunen

5th August 2014

Jesse Lastunen is a consultant with Technopolis Group Estonia. He has broad academic and professional experience in technology policy, impact evaluation and quantitative research methods for policy analysis and management. In recent years Jesse has advised a variety of organisations on related topics, among them Microsoft Research and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic….

Kristel Kosk

24th April 2014

Kristel Kosk is based in the Baltic office of Technopolis Group. She is an expert in green economy and eco-innovationwith particular interest in policies related to renewable energy. Prior to joining Technopolis, Kristel worked as a research assistant at the Estonian Nanotechnology Competence Centre and Aalto University. During this time, she did scientific work on…