News for Austria

Katharina Warta

9th April 2014

Katharina Warta is managing director of Technopolis Group’s Austrian subsidiary and Chairman of the executive board of the Austrian Platform Research & Technology Policy Evaluation. In the domain of research and innovation policy, her work covers policy and programme evaluations as well as strategy development. She has experience in leading research and evaluation projects, in…

Fritz Ohler

9th April 2014

Fritz Ohler directs Technopolis’ operation in Austria. Fritz works on innovation and technology policy design and strategy building as well as technology and innovation policy evaluation. He has provided advice and assistance to ministries and government agencies in their needs to design, implement and evaluate innovation and technology policies. Previously Fritz worked at the Austrian…

Brigitte Tiefenthaler

9th April 2014

Brigitte Tiefenthaler is a senior consultant at the Vienna office of Technopolis Group since February 2007. The focus of her work so far has been on the governance and financing of research organisations and higher education institutions and the evaluation of R&D programmes and institutions. She has dealt extensively with gender issues in research and…

Barbara Good

9th April 2014

Barbara holds a PhD in Political Science with Economics and a Masters in Political Science and Economics, both from the University of Zürich. In addition, she has a degree in modern languages. Barbara’s areas of specialisation are innovation policy, the economics of innovation, RTD evaluation, meta-evaluation, and evaluation methodologies. Barbara is an experienced project manager…

Anton Geyer

9th April 2014

Anton Geyer, born 1967 and Austrian citizen, studied Chemical Engineering at Graz University of Technology where he graduated in 1992. He obtained a Master degree in Technology and Innovation Management at SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex, UK. Anton is fluent in German and English and has basic knowledge of Spanish and Dutch….

Alfred Radauer

9th April 2014

Alfred Radauer is Senior Consultant and Authorised Representative (“Prokurist” under Austrian law) at Technopolis Group Austria. He leads the “Intellectual Property & Standards” (IPS) group at Technopolis. Alfred joined the company in 2008, after he had worked between 1999 and 2008 at the Austrian Institute for SME Research. In his professional career, he has accumulated…


21st October 2013


The Vienna office, founded in 2000, works closely with national, international and regional organisations in the fields of science, innovation and technology policy. The team has specialised skills and extensive experience in policy evaluation, both of programmes and institutions, as well as policy design and strategy development. In the last few years, our work has…