Our people

tech·no·pol·i·tan | tekˈnä pol ē tun |
noun ( pl. technopolitans)
an integral part of Technopolis Group, a team player with an inventive, dynamic mind and a passion for excellence

Our peopleOur constant interactions with policymakers, policy implementers, public-private organisations, and researchers means that Technopolitans are innovation thinkers, movers and shakers. The analysis we provide to our clients is at the forefront of policy development – and we are passionate about staying at the leading edge. Originating from +45 countries and speaking +30 languages, our teams of consultants relish every opportunity to make a difference. 

Our peopleFrom innovation management, economics, political science or hard sciences like engineering, chemistry, environment, energy, physics or biology, Technopolitans bring a wealth of specialised knowledge and offer considerable value added to our clients. We also count previous policy practitioners, business people and academics as part of our staff.

Our consultants regularly participate in further training and skills development as well as lead internal training sessions to share their knowledge across the Group.

Our team developed the following statements that express our Group values. Being a Technopolitan is to:

  • Put  clients, independence  and  objectivity  at the heart of what we do
  • Seek  innovative  solutions and methods, aiming for ‘thought leadership’ and always be ready to learn
  • Organise as  ‘one firm’  to deliver the best teams and expertise
  • Maintain a  caring internal culture  that encourages debate and respects our obligations to each other, our clients and society
  • Share  our learning with others
  • Recruit, develop and promote  excellent people  to work in teams, based on their ability to live up to these values

We believe that attracting, developing and retaining a team that reflects the diversity of our clients’ needs is vital to our success. To view our current vacancies or to upload your CV in case a future opportunity arises that meets your skills and experiences, visit our careers page.
Our people