Genom att kombinera samhällsvetenskapliga metoder och vår internationella expertkunskap inom kunskapstriangeln kan Technopolis Group genomföra komplexa studier inom ett brett spektrum av ämnen kopplade till forskning, innovation, ekonomisk utveckling och utbildning.

Impact of the financial crisis on R&I policies in EU MS

The impact of the financial crisis on research and innovation policies in EU Member States focused on how the economic and financial crisis that started in 2008 has influenced research and innovation activities in Europe and explored the current trends in research and innovation policies.

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Research and Innovation in climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials

The goal of the study is to support the EC in promoting successful research and innovation (R&I) policies and programmes under the Specific Programmes of Horizon 2020 in support of Flagship Initiatives “Innovation Union” and “Resource Efficient Europe” with a focus on the specific challenge “Climate Action, resource efficiency and raw materials”.  

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The role of foreign investment in Estonia's innovation policy

The study analysed the possibilities of successfully linking the Estonian national innovation system and high added value foreign investments. The first part of the study reviewed the examples in other countries to focus on the best international practices, also it positioned Estonia’s competitiveness, the second part highlighted the country’s prerequisites for more efficiently engaging higher…

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Norwegian participation in Horizon 2020 in health, ICT and industry

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) commissioned Technopolis Group to conduct a study on the possibilities to increase participation in Horizon 2020, but also in relation to other European Research Area activities and future Framework Programmes. The assignment was to focus on the three topic areas of health, Information and Communications Technology, and industry. The…

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