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Technopolis Group consultants have been working for a number of years for clients in Colombia, Chile, Peru and the Caribbean. In response to an increase in demand for our sevices, Technopolis Group opened an office in Colombia in 2016, from where, we offer our consulting services to other countries in Latin America.

In Colombia, Technopolis Group evaluated the Science, Technology and Innovation Royalty Fund; participated in the OCDE Innovation Policy Review; and built a system of indicators for Ruta N, in Medellin.  With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom (FCO), we have delivered seven projects through the Prosperity Fund: two in Colombia, three in Peru, one in Chile and another in Uruguay. In Chile, Technopolis Group  also participated in the study for the economic justification of a new Technology Transfer Fund for CORFO; and assessing the potential of the sub-Antarctic Chilean region as an engine of growth and innovation.

Technopolis Group can offer its Latin American clients access to a 110 strong team of consultants with a wealth of expertise and a diverse range of professional specialties and geographical insights and academic backgrounds from innovation management, economics, political science to the hard sciences, such as engineering, chemistry, physics or biology. In our team, there are former government officials responsible for policy, others come from the business world, as well as academia. Our employees work successfully on every continent and benefit from continuous interactions with legislators and researchers. We pride ourselves on being innovation thinkers, movers and shakers, who are successfully operating at the forefront of the development of public policy. We have:

  • Ability to perform evaluations of policies, as well as on local and national organisations that are focused on supporting the innovation chain and private sector development such as research councils, technology transfer centres, clusters, regional innovation agencies.
  • Extensive experience in management and measurement systems and research organisations, and scientific and technological innovation at national and regional level.
  • The expertise to develop regional innovation strategies and development (eg regional smart specialisation strategies).
  • A global view of the different systems and programs supporting science, technology and innovation that exist in the world.
  • Experience and state of art insight in a wide range of economic, scientific and technological sectors, including big data, green economy, ICT, transport systems, life sciences and health, and higher education.