Valentina Parziale

Valentina Parziale has 13 years of experience in advisory services for public administrations, with a focus on EU institutions. She has been involved in a number of studies, evaluations of EU Directives and strategies, impact assessments and other evaluation–related services on behalf of various Commission Directorate-Generals, such as DG JUST, DG HOME, DG GROW, DG ENV and DG CONNECT. Valentina has a long track record in evaluation and impact assessment methodologies and she applied successfully a range of methods such as surveys, interviews and focus groups, processing data and drafting policy analyses. She has also experience of coordinating projects involving various partners and teams across European countries.  

Recently Valentina has contributed to several evaluations, such as the evaluation of the European Environment Agency (DG ENV) and other analytical studies, such as the comparative analysis of legal measures vs. soft-law instruments for improving payment behaviour (DG GROW), and the Cost of Non-Europe in the area of asylum (European Parliament).  

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Valentina worked for EY and Milieu Ltd., in Italy and Belgium, as evaluation specialist. Valentina holds a Master of Science in Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Institution.