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Tommy Jansson

Tommy Jansson was born in Sweden in 1959. He obtained a BA degree in Political Science and Economic History at the Uppsala University through two dissertations about the objectives of public programmes and their results. He then worked for nearly two years as a research assistant at the Department of Political Science at the Uppsala University, in a project evaluating the role of communication in Swedish energy policy, simultaneously following courses for the doctor’s degree.

In 1988, he entered the civil service as chief evaluator at the Information and Public Relations Department of the Swedish National Energy Administration. At NEA, he was also in charge of two official reports and served as coordinator for the inter-ministerial expert group for studies in communication methodologies. When NEA was closed down, he continued as chief evaluator of the external information at the newly founded Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development, NUTEK.

He went to live in Spain in 1992, where he works as an evaluator in a variety of fields, including policy implementation, technology transfer and public communication. In 2003, he started working for Faugert & Co Utvärdering, the Swedish branch of Technopolis Group Ltd. From 2008 to 2013, Tommy Jansson was a member of the board of the Swedish Evaluation Society.
Tommy is fluent in Swedish, Spanish, English, German and Basque.