Thomas Köhler

Thomas Köhler is a Senior Consultant at Technopolis Group with expertise in research and development in microelectronics and microsystems. He has professional experience in the initiation, monitoring, guiding and evaluation of industrial consortia for R & D projects as well as in pre-competitive coordination processes such as the development of roadmaps with special interests in microelectronics and smart systems. Due to his occupation at Deutsche Bank AG, Thomas gained insights in corporate finance, risk evaluations, preparation and support of M&A deals, analysis and evaluation of the market and competition position as well as the elaboration of strategic concepts of high-growth enterprises and their risk evaluation.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, he was with VDIVDE-IT, a German project executing organisation. There, he oversaw initiation and monitoring of industrial R&D projects on behalf of federal, national ministries as well as the European Commission. In addition, he co-ordinated projects and consulting activities, especially for KMU, in the framework of FP7/H2020.

Thomas holds a diploma degree in electronics from the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. His special subject was the electronics of information processing.

Thomas is a German national, he speaks English and some Russian.