Lisanne Saes

Lisanne Saes is a consultant with expertise in energy saving, sustainable energy and circular economy. She has hands-on experience in developing and implementing sustainability and innovation projects and is able to deploy both qualitative and quantitative methods such as interviews, surveys and workshops. Lisanne is innovative and goal oriented.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Lisanne worked for Liander, a Dutch utility company which distributes electricity and gas. She worked on sustainability projects and policy advice at the Strategy & Innovation department. At Liander, she developed a 5 year plan for energy saving, coordinated and realised research and pilots on energy saving opportunities and was involved in sustainable energy projects involving multiple organisations.

Lisanne obtained her MSc degree in Innovation Sciences from Eindhoven University of Technology, where she specialised in sustainable innovation. As a part of the study programme, she followed courses on energy, sustainability and policy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh USA. For her thesis on the social economic impact of prepaid water meters in Namibia, she performed an extensive field research in Namibia for three months. She is fluent in Dutch and English.