Francie Sadeski

Francie Sadeski joined Technopolis |ITD|, the French subsidiary of Technopolis Group, in 2013. She is leading Technopolis Group’s “emerging countries” activities. She graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Rennes, major in Economics and Finance, as well as the European Masters in International Aid and Development from the University of Aix-en-Provence/Uppsala Universitet Sweden.

Francie has been working for more than ten years in international cooperation and management of complex projects funded by major international donors (AFD, European Commission, World Bank, Asian Development Bank) in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Soudan, Chad, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Senegal, Congo, South Africa, and Georgia. She also conducted technical assistance missions for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs on behalf of institutions such as the Asian Development Bank in Vietnam, to support capacity building.

Francie works as a senior consultant in the field of social policy and economic development, performing (ex-ante, in itinere and ex-post) evaluations, feasibility studies, regional studies, benchmarks, and strategic diagnosis. Her main working areas are: financial instruments and financing innovation, health and life sciences, green growth, research, regional innovation strategies, territorial development policies and international cooperation. Francie has gained a real expertise in the design, co-ordination, animation and evaluation of international and European research and innovation projects and programmes.

She has led recently the Mid Term Evaluation of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences –Next Einstein Initiative and has also contributed to the DFID funded research project on “Innovation and Growth in LIC’s” to issue a case study on the Ghanaian National Innovation System. She has also contributed recently to the DFID funded program on Operational Research Capacity in the Health Sector as well as an FP7 funded Program named EDCTP 1 (Clinical Trials Partnership) where, among other responsibilities, she conducted case studies in South Africa, Congo Brazzaville and Mali.

Francie is a French native speaker, is fluent in English, and has a good knowledge of Spanish.