Elin Berglund

Elin Berglund has experience of public policy evaluation within the areas of the knowledge triangle. During her time at Technopolis Group, she has contributed to several evaluations, impact assessments and studies for Swedish, Nordic, and European clients. Her experience in methods covers data collection through interviews, surveys, desk research and literature reviews. She has knowledge and experience of statistical analysis.

Elin has contributed to several studies and evaluations of European and Swedish R&D. Current assignments include the study of challenge-driven research programmes for the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, for which she is preparing the country profiles of Sweden and Denmark. Elin is also involved in the evaluation of the Forum for Swedish Smart grids, commissioned by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Elin holds a bachelors’ degree in Political Science obtained in 2017 from Stockholm University. Principle subjects covered were Management Policy, Implementation and Public Evaluation. Elin has also studied Language and Communication (60 ECTS credits) at Mälardalen University, Business Economy (30 ECTS credits) at Stockholm University and French (30 ECTS credits) at École France Langue Nice. She is fluent in Swedish and English, has good understanding of Norwegian, Danish, and French and a basic understanding of Italian and Spanish.