Brigitte Tiefenthaler

Brigitte Tiefenthaler is a senior consultant at the Vienna office of Technopolis joining in February 2007. The focus of her work so far has been on performance contracts, evaluation, benchmarking and monitoring of national and regional public policy, gender issues in research, and strategy design.
Brigitte holds a Dipl.-Ing. in Materials Sciences from the University of Leoben. Before joining Technopolis she worked for nearly six years as an expert for the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development, which advises the Austrian Government on research, technology and innovation policy. She was involved in the development of strategies and recommendations in fields including science-industry collaboration, sustainable development, nanotechnology, and gender issues. She has extensive knowledge of the Austrian research and innovation system and policy. Prior to this Brigitte worked as a head of unit for industrial technologies at the Bureau for International Research and Technology Cooperation in Vienna (now part of FFG), and a project leader at the Institute for Polymer Technology at Joanneum Research where she performed research about the long-term properties of recycled polymers.
Brigitte is fluently bilingual in German and English and has a basic knowledge of Italian.