Asel Doranova

Asel Doranova is the Technopolis Group expert on environmental, innovation and energy policies. She has an interdisciplinary educational background including a PhD in Economics and Policy studies of Technical Change from the United Nations University and Maastricht University, Masters degrees in development studies (Uppsala University) and environmental sciences and policy (Central European University, Budapest) and engineering (Kyrgyz Technical University).

Asel’s academic research has focused on issues related to sustainability, climate change, renewable energy diffusion. In her PhD research (2009) Asel studied technology transfer and technological capability building and learning in developing countries under the Clean Development Mechanism of Kyoto Protocol.

At Technopolis Group, Asel has been involved in running the Eco-Innovation Observatory (EIO) and GreenXpo platforms, preparing studies on green business models for EC DG ENV and OECD, eco-innovation in Eastern Europe and Caucasus and Central Asia for UNIDO. Asel is involved in several impact assessment studies, e.g. the EU Eco-innovation Action Plans impact assessment, EU Water regulation impact assessment, and has developed methodologies to measure the environmental impact of RTDI policies and programmes and the innovation impact of regulations. She also provides consultancy services to the EC DG Regio and INTERREG secretariat on eco-innovation and sustainable growth issues in regional polices.

Asel’s earlier professional experience (1998-2004) is related mostly with development projects in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia implemented through the support programmes of the EU, USAID, WB, UNDP and JICA. She worked as a project coordinator and monitoring and evaluation expert and led projects with teams of 5-20 people. She provided evaluation and ex-ante/feasibility assessments consultancy for several national and international programmes.

A native Kyrgyz and Russian speaker, Asel is fluent in English and has some understanding of Dutch. In her academic and consultancy research experience Asel has dealt with various quantitative and qualitative analysis tools such as econometric regressions and structural equation modelling, survey design, focus group and interviews, participatory appraisal, content analysis of media. She is familiar with statistical software such as STATA, SPSS, AMOS and has experience with the website design.