Annemieke Biesma

Annemieke Biesma is based in the Amsterdam office of Technopolis Group. She has specialised in policies and interventions related to education, the labour market and entrepreneurship. She has worked on assignments for Ministries, the European Commission and its agencies, sectoral organisations and NGOs. Before joining Technopolis Group, Annemieke monitored, evaluated and conducted studies, mapping exercises and identified good practices for Ecorys.

Over the course of her career, Annemieke has built a strong affinity with transnational cooperation and governance and built a track record on bringing lessons from abroad into her projects. She has for example monitored and evaluated the projects promoting European labour mobility through the innovative action ‘Your first EURES job’, that was implemented across several transnational public and private partnerships across the EU. Similarly, through the evaluation of the ESF learning networks, Annemieke assessed the transnational partnerships of national ESF authorities across the EU. In addition to EU work, Annemieke has worked on national cooperation programmes, such as the Dutch Fellowship programme in development cooperation and the Dutch partnership programme with the ILO.

Prior to Technopolis Group and Ecorys, Annemieke worked for RB & Partners in Brussels on international trade policies, especially in relation to the development of bio-energy. Annemieke obtained her degrees focusing on economic and social development from the University of Virginia and the University of Bath. Annemieke speaks English and Dutch fluently and has advanced knowledge of Spanish and French.