Alain N’Ghauran

Alain N’Ghauran is a Consultant based in the French office of Technopolis Group. He holds a Master’s degree in Competitive Intelligence and Innovation Management from the University of Saint-Etienne, and is currently registered for a PhD programme by an Industrial Agreement of Training through Research (CIFRE). His doctoral project aims at furthering the understanding of the spatial dynamics of collaborative innovation. As a PhD student, he is affiliated to the Group for Economic Analysis and Theory (GATE-LSE) and to the European Localised Innovation Observatory (EuroLIO).

Since joining Technopolis Group, he has contributed to quantitative evaluation activities, data processing and program and policy studies. As part of his assignments, he performs literature reviews, statistical analyses, econometric modelling and economic impact analyses. For instance, he was part of the team working on the evaluation of the Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT).

Before joining Technopolis Group, he worked as an intern for the International Center of Resources and Innovation for the Sustainable Development. He worked on the characterisation of localised data about the innovative activities in the fields of functional economy and circular economy.

Alain works in French and English.