Strategic support & consultancy

Organisations in science, research and innovation operate in changing institutional, societal, economic and technological contexts. Technopolis advises policy makers on strategy, policy and the design of new instruments in changing international policy environments.  The team also advises universities, research organisations and public-private networks how to develop their strategy, set up new initiatives or write their business plans.

Tools that we use for strategic advice include prospective techniques such as road mapping, technology mapping. foresight, techniques for group strategy formulation, SWOT-analyses, benchmarks, network analysis and many others to meet specific needs.

Consultancy Services - European Inventor Award

Every year, the European Patent Office (EPO)  awards inventions with proven economic and societal impacts in the categories ‘industry’, ‘SMEs’, ‘research/universities’, ‘non-European countries’ and ‘lifetime achievement’. Technopolis has been, since 2011, repeatedly contracted by the EPO to perform background analyses and valuations of the impacts of patents and inventions nominated for the European Inventor Award  (EIA)….

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The 'Optimisation of Financial Tools' in Renewable Energies

Technopolis supported the inception of the project: ‘optimise funding tools’ and organised a network facilitation effort in order to move towards an integrated development of the renewable energy industry and foster energy efficiency’ under the 2nd Call for Projects of the EUROPACT (ERDF technical assistance) programme’s Regional Initiative Strand. This project, which brought together the…

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Coordination and governance of the UK STI system between the national and sub-national level

In this project, Technopolis provided strategic advice and support to Peru’s national council for science and technology, CONCYTEC, to understand the governance mechanisms (strategic plans, programmes, organisational structure) used in the UK to coordinate STI policy across the different government agencies. The project fed into a wider programme to reform and modernise Peru’s support for…

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European Forum Co-operation between Higher Education and the Business Community

The University Business Forum is an initiative of DG EAC to bring together stakeholders involved in UBC in the area of higher education for design of curriculum, mobility, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship education. This contract provided think pieces and input papers for the thematic forums as well as running expert groups to help shape future…

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