Evaluation of Tekes

Authors: Geert van der VeenErik ArnoldJasper DeutenAndrej HorvathPeter SternJames Stroyan

Language: English

Publication date: 28th May 2012

Tekes was founded in 1983 and is the central Finnish agency responsible for the formulation and implementation of technology and innovation policy. According to the Tekes Act the objective of Tekes is to promote the development of industry and services by means of technology and innovations. Its activities must renew industries, increase value added, improve productivity and quality of working life, increase export and create employment and create employment. The Ministry for Employment and Economy (TEM) has asked Technopolis to evaluate TEKES. The evaluation, consisting of desk research, survey, interviews, focus groups and peer review, looked at the organisation Tekes and its activities, in a broader context of the Finnish innovation system. Main conclusion was that Tekes is performing well and ranks among the world’s leading organisations promoting innovations. Tekes’ activities have boosted research, development and innovation and enhanced their quality. Tekes must however increase it’s customer orientation further, decrease the complexity of its internal organsation and coordinate better with other support organisations in Finland. TEM has used the evaluation as input for the new management contract with Tekes. teks has used the evalaution for improving its organisation.